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On This Mother’s Day…

To those who gave birth this year WE CELEBRATE WITH YOU To those who lost a child this year WE GRIEVE WITH YOU To those who are in the trenches with the little ones WE APPRECIATE YOU To those who experienced a miscarriage, failed adoption, or runaway child WE MOURN WITH YOU To those who […]

In-House Donor vs Agency Donor? How do I chose?

Most fertility centers will have their own in-house pool of egg donors. However, there is also the option of using an outside agency donor to find the best match. Which is best for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options? The benefits of using an in-house donor Using an in-house donor offered […]

What comes first…the Fertility Clinic or the Surrogacy Agency?

For many first-time LGBT patients, beginning the process of family building can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many factors for same sex couples to consider, including costs, legal concerns and finding the right egg donor and carrier. Since male couples do not have the benefit of a referral from a GYN or OB, […]

Reseveratrol and PCO

Resveratrol, a natural chemical present in grapes, nuts and berries, is known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardio protective properties. It was also found to have a beneficial effect in PCO by reducing the production of androgens approximately by 25%. Both ovarian and adrenal productions of male hormones were decreased to the same degree and […]

Men’s Health

Body image disorders do not affect only women with devastating effect such as anorexia nervosa and other eating disorder; they also affect men. Advertisements and other social media, such as TV and magazine ads constantly project muscular male images. The consequences of this exposure resulted in an increase prevalence of a form of body imaging […]

Oocyte count and fertility treatment

The number of oocytes available as the ovaries declines with age until approximately 1000 eggs remains in the menopausal ovary. The rate of egg (oocytes) depletion from the ovary has been debated for some time now. Knowing if there is an accelerated depletion and an abrupt decline in the number of oocytes still present in […]

The link between obesity and cancer

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in both developing and developed countries; and in the USA is the most common chronic disease. Despite the awareness and public health efforts, obesity increases and currently more than 2/3 of the American adult population is categorized as being either overweight or obese. Besides the toll in life, more than […]

When a couple decides to initiate a family or have another baby

When a couple decides to initiate a family or have another baby, pregnancy occurs within a few months and in the vast majority of instances it fulfills the couples dream and desire.  Nonetheless, one can raise the question why pregnancies do not occur immediately, like it happens with several other species.  In addition, why one […]

Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics Expands Patient Service With a New Office Location in Princeton, NJ

South Jersey’s Premier fertility clinic has opened a branch of its offices in Mercer County to better serve patients in Northern New Jersey. Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics’ (DVIF&G) new satellite office in Princeton provides the complete fertility consultation, testing and follow up appointments for of state-of-the-art fertility services, including IVF, PGD,CCS, IVM, […]