COVID-19 Update – we will be returning to the office on May 4, 2020.

COVID-19 Update - we will be returning to the office on May 4, 2020

Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics is committed to helping you grow your family, despite the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. We have engaged in telemedicine throughout this period and maintained all the programs of treatment, including our SEEDS program. After a necessary short break, we will be returning to the office for monitoring visits and initiation of treatment cycles on May 4, 2020.

Your safety is our main priority. We will be taking numerous measures to protect our patients and staff as we resume care in our office. We will treat everyone, including ourselves, as we are carriers of the virus.

The future of the unborn is of our main concern as well. At this time, there is limited available data regarding COVID19 infection in pregnancy. Per ACOG, there is no evidence of vertical transmission of the virus from mother to baby. The data also does not indicate an increased risk of infection or severe illness in pregnant women when compared to nonpregnant women. As more literature and research become available, recommendations may change.

If you are uncertain of your next step, please schedule a telemedicine consultation prior to scheduling an appointment in the office. This is the perfect opportunity for a provider to review your recent treatment or diagnostic cycle and make recommendations for the future.

We instituted the following guidelines to ensure staff and patient safety. Due to the unstable nature of the situation, the following guidelines are subject to change.

· All patients must wear a mask or face covering per CDC guidelines. The patient is responsible for providing this.
· The patients and the staff will wash their hands before and after any encounter.
· Patients must come alone to visits to reduce exposure. No children are permitted.
· The patients will be called and questioned as to their medical status the day prior to their appointment
· Only one patient will be allowed at the facility at a time.
· Staff and patient temperature will be taken daily in the office.
· All surfaces will be disinfected between each patient.
· Consultations will be held via telemedicine.
· Our Vineland and Princeton offices will remain closed at this time.

Please cancel your appointment and do not come to the office if any of the following apply:

· Fever within the last 24 hours
· You have been exposed to COVID19 case in the last 14 days
· You have flu-like symptoms (body aches, chills, headache).
· You have an upper respiratory infection, difficulty breathing, or cough.

We look forward to resuming treatment and providing quality care to our patients. Please contact us with any questions (856) 988-0072.