In-House Donor vs Agency Donor? How do I chose?

Most fertility centers will have their own in-house pool of egg donors. However, there is also the option of using an outside agency donor to find the best match. Which is best for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options?

The benefits of using an in-house donor

Using an in-house donor offered to you by your fertility center has many benefits. Usually, the center will prescreen these donors, both physically and psychologically, to make sure they are good candidates to be an egg donor. Also, they will likely live locally to your area, which cuts down on costs and is more convenient for everyone involved.

The benefits of using an outside donor agency

There are advantages to using an outside agency donor as well. First, your options will be much greater. Outside donor agencies recruit donors from all over the country, so you will have a wider variety of ethnicities, phenotypes and education levels available to you. However, be aware that not only will you incur the cost of the outside agency’s fee to match you, there is also the likelihood that you will have to pay for travel and hotel accommodations for your donor if she is coming from out of state.

Your fertility center can help you make the best decision for you

The good news is that with both of these options, there is likely to be a donor out there that meets all of your needs and is the perfect match for your family. Your fertility center will help you with the matching process regardless of where the donor originates, and should screen each donor in the same, thorough way.