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What is Embryo Donation? Embryos are created through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). In order to minimize the chances of multiple pregnancy or recurrent ART cycles, many couples will decide to cryopreserve (“freeze”) remaining embryos in liquid nitrogen for future use. Eventually, a couple may decide their family planning is complete and decide to donate their embryos to another couple or to research. In couples who decide to donate their embryos to another couple believe that every patient in need deserves the chance to become apparent. These self-less individuals remember the heartbreak of infertility and offer a truly amazing and wonderful gift.

What Should You Do With Your Frozen Embryo? We completely understand that deciding what to do with your frozen embryo(s) is a very difficult and heart-felt decision. Some patients decide to donate them to another deserving couple, research or even discard them. These embryos were created with the intention of creating life, and we would feel honored to help make that happen. We are here to help you with this decision in any way that we can.

Why Should You Decide To Donate Your Embryos To Us? There is absolutely no cost to you. If you owe residual storage feels, will work with you to greatly reduce or eliminate those fees. We promise to take every precaution to ensure that your embryos go to a deserving couple in need of this very wonderful gift.

What Information Will The Recipient Couple Know About Me? Most couples decide to have a “closed” donation, meaning they do not want to be known to the couple receiving the embryos. We are dedicated to maintain your privacy and anonymity. While none of your identifying information will be provided, we will provide the recipient couple with any information regarding genetic testing, blood type and any relevant family or medical history. To those couples who desire, we will consider an “open” donation only when both parties (donor and recipient) agree, in writing.

Will I Be Informed If The Recipient Couple Achieves Pregnancy With My Donated Embryos? No, not unless you have an open donation. The only circumstance in which you would be notified is if the resultant child was diagnosed with a medical or genetic problem that would need further information than what we can provide. However, this is only done if you agree to this circumstance on your donation consent.

What Do I Have To Do To Donate My Embryos? Fill out the consent to donate embryos. The genetic parent’s signature must be notarized, or signed in front of one of our physicians. We do have a notary on staff, and would be at no cost to you. If the embryo was resultant of a donor egg and/or donor sperm, only the intended recipient(s) are required to have notarized signatures.

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