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A detailed fertility evaluation is the best way to find out the root cause for a couple’s challenge to get pregnant. Getting started might initially feel overwhelming and stressful. Our fertility center staff is making every effort to make this process as easy as possible for you. Following are some of the steps that might be necessary to get a complete fertility evaluation for a diagnosis to develop your personalized treatment plan.

1. Fertility Tests Prior to Your Consultation

Your initial consultation includes a thorough medical history of both partners. There are no specific tests that must be performed prior to the initial consultation with our office. Some OB/GYNs may begin the fertility evaluation process before referring you to a specialist, which is not necessary at our fertility clinic. However, if you have already been treated for infertility or begun an evaluation elsewhere, please have all records sent to our office prior to your initial consultation.

2. Your Fertility Evaluation With Us

The following may be included in the infertility evaluation:

a. Medical History

This will be obtained verbally by the physician or nurse practitioner at the initial consultation.

b. Ultrasound Exams

Ultrasounds will be performed on the appropriate cycle days in order to monitor the ovulatory processes. Transvaginal ultrasounds allow us to visualize the ovaries and uterus. This is helpful to determine if there are abnormalities such as cysts or fibroids. It also allows us to determine each woman’s number of antral follicles, which is helpful in estimating her ovarian reserve (or the number and quality of remaining eggs).

c. Evaluation of Female Hormones

Hormones include follicle stimulation hormone, estradiol, luteinizing hormone, and progesterone. These are collected following ultrasound and used to assess if there is a problem with the ovulation process.

d. Genetic Evaluation

All female patients are offered a screening test (in the form of blood work) to determine if they carry a genetic condition that may be passed along to their child. Male patients may also be asked to complete this test.

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e. Semen Analysis

Male patients are asked to complete a semen analysis. This is an important test to perform because normal sperm function is necessary for pregnancy to occur.
1. Sperm Count: The number of sperm per ml
2. Sperm Motility: The percentage of sperm that move normally.
3. Sperm Morphology: The percentage of sperm that have a normal shape.
4. Volume of Ejaculate: The amount of semen.

f. Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonogram (HCS)

An HCS will be performed to evaluate the patency of the fallopian tubes. This test uses ultrasound to determine the shape of the uterine cavity and if the fallopian tubes are open.
The fallopian tubes are the site of fertilization, and if a blockage is present, chances of conceiving each cycle may be severely decreased. If both tubes are blocked, it may be impossible for a couple to conceive without additional treatment.
Male Fertility Doctor in Marlton, NJ

Other Fertility Testing

Other testing may be ordered as appropriate and may include hysterosalpingogram (HSG), hysteroscopy, or laparoscopy.

Infertility Diagnosis and Development of Treatment Plan

The type of treatment that is appropriate for each patient is determined by a number of different factors. Each patient and provider are active participants in the decision making process. If a type of cycle, such as oral medications with timed intercourse or IUI, is unsuccessful after three attempts we often recommend a consult to discuss alternative options.
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