What comes first…the Fertility Clinic or the Surrogacy Agency?

For many first-time LGBT patients, beginning the process of family building can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many factors for same sex couples to consider, including costs, legal concerns and finding the right egg donor and carrier. Since male couples do not have the benefit of a referral from a GYN or OB, many start their search by researching Surrogacy Agencies and available Gestational Carriers. However, by doing this, you are limiting your exposure to fertility centers to only those who the surrogacy agency has worked with in the past or may have relationships with. A better strategy is to find a fertility center that has excellent success rates with Third Party fertility treatments, is convenient to your location, and has an experienced staff who has dealt with many of these complicated types of cycles. You will be working with this center for an extended period of time, so developing a rapport with a physician and his/her team is essential. Once you’ve done that, the center can refer you to the many surrogacy agencies available, and give you guidance as to who is reputable which can best serve your needs.