COVID-19 has stall all activities and treatments in the fertility world

Covid-19 has stall all activities and treatments in the fertility world

The Covid 19 has stall all activities and treatments in the fertility world. The fears are generated from concerns of the viral impact to the unborn and the mother. Not much information is available, nonetheless the existing and progressively accumulating information is rather encouraging. If this trend continues, it is conceivable that in the near future women and the professional society will feel at ease to initiate fertility treatment again. None is more affected from this turn of event but the women of mature age. Their fight against the biological clock is present at any time in the back of their mind. The belief is that after age 35 there is a different and faster decrease for their chances to become pregnant.

Our finding and that of others have not found such a thing. Although there is a decrease in the pregnancy rate with age this decrease is gradual throughout all ages. A delay of a couple of months does not have a devastating effect on the chances for any woman to become pregnant and by no means chances significantly her present chances to achieve this goal. We plot the results of the pregnancy rate collected by CDC for different age groups undergoing treatment in US and we did not observe any major changes in the pregnancy rate, just the same slow gradual decline! Months will not make the difference years will! You can see for yourselves the curves that we generated by visiting our website. With this information maybe it is time to take a deep breath and ease our fears since what definitely can affect the chances of becoming pregnant is chronic stress and not a couple of months of no treatment.