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Your first step on the path to success begins with an initial consultation. You will meet with one of our experienced doctors who will perform a complete examination and discuss your personalized treatment options. Insurance will usually cover the cost of the first consultation. If not, the cost is $200.00. We look forward meeting you and helping you have the baby of your dreams.

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    "I’m going to miss hearing ” Melanie, come in here dear.” I am truly going to miss having you as my doctor. Infertility is one of the most painful and emotional experiences that I have had to face. You made it bearable. In fact, I looked forward to seeing you on Mondays and Fridays because I knew that my fears and worries would cease after I met with you. It’s hard for me to trust anyone, which is why it’s so emotional for me to leave your practice. I trust you TOTALLY."

    "Thank you so much for all of your help, patience, and kindness throughout the years. Juliana Emma, born on March 17, 2005, was not enough. So, we want to thank you again for our son, Anthony James, born on March 10, 2007. All of you have a special place in our lives. Because of you, our family was made."