Ketogenic Diet and Fertility


The last few decades different approaches have been advanced to address medical epidemics such as obesity, diabetes, and for women in reproductive age, polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) and its cause of infertility. One of the most common measure is a diet. In the recent past almost every year a new diet is introduced, frequently sponsored by a celebrity with popular appeal that endorses it. Beside the financial principle, there are two reasons for the frequency in the introduction of these diets. One, there is a great need for them and second they do not work!

Let’s think for a minute, without exemption all these diets work by reduction of caloric intake assisted with expenditure of energy, in other words curbing food consumption with the addition of an exercise program. These are measures to address the obesity and the medical problems that obesity consequently causes to metabolism, cardiovascular, reproductive and others systems of the body.

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