About Your First Visit

What should I do to prepare for the initial consultation?

Complete ALL the New patient forms for both you and your partner. If you do not have a printer, please arrive at least 30 min prior to your appointment time, or your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

What forms do I need to fill out before the consultation?

Both you and your partner need to complete:

Does my partner need to be with me for the initial consultation?

Yes, we would like both individuals to be present, if at all possible. We treat every couple at DVIFG with the utmost professionalism, and perform and extensive evaluation of both partners, before initiating treatment.

Will I be able to meet with a financial consultant?

Yes, if you desire and if your consult is during normal business hours. If you happen to have your initial consult after the consultant has left, and you have questions, you may call our office manager the next business day, to discuss.

How long will it take to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan?

It will take at least one full menstrual cycle, providing both partners are able to get all required testing in within that month.

Do you treat out of town patients?

Yes. You will have to call to schedule a phone consult with one of our physicians to discuss your situation.

How soon can I have my initial consultation?

We will offer you the first appointment available. Initial appointments occurring in the evening, can sometimes have a 2 week wait time.

If the problem is related to male factor, can’t you just treat my partner since I have no trouble getting pregnant?

No, we treat couples. We will need to evaluate the female partner as well.

What tests may be conducted during my first visit?

Generally, this is just an interview. Occasionally, we may draw blood or have you undergo a transvaginal ultrasound, after you meet with the doctor.

How long will it be from when we are diagnosed to when we can begin treatment?

It depends on what treatment is being recommended. Possibly 1-2 months.

How long should I expect to undergo treatment?

This can vary, depending upon your situation.

What are your success rates?

Please see our Success Statistics page

How many IVF attempts will you make?

Generally, no more than 4 fresh IVF attempts.

What is your IVF success rate per embryo transfer? How many embryos do you generally transfer?

We do perform elective single embryo transfers for those individuals that produce embryos that meet the criteria. In general, 2 embryos are transferred. Again, this number can vary, depending on the female’s age and embryo quality.

How will you monitor my treatment and how often?

This varies, depending on your treatment regimen. If you are undergoing a tamoxifen or clomid cycle, you will typically be evaluated 3-4 times during that cycle. If you are taking hormonal injections on a daily basis, we may need to see you every 2-3 days during the time when you ovaries are stimulating.

Will you always perform treatment monitoring or is it possible that on occasion another physician or a nurse might monitor?

After each ultrasound visit, you will meet with one of the providers, including a Doctor and/or a Nurse Practitioner.