Lifestyle and Fertility

Your lifestyle choices have a big influence on your ability to become pregnant and carry your baby to term. Research has shown that obese women are two times more likely to be infertile than women of healthy weight.

At DVIF&G we not only educate our patients about weight and fertility, we also provide them with nutritional counseling to maximize their chances for success. Our sections on Stork’s Nutrition Program® is a guide to healthy eating before and during pregnancy. If you are in a risky weight category Using the Glycemic Index can direct you on how to use the Glycemic Index to achieve a healthy weight and enhance fertility. Coffee and Cholesterol and Stress and Fertility describe other lifestyle factors that can negatively influence your ability to become pregnant, or interfere with a healthy pregnancy. Lastly, Nutraceuticals and You describes the use of nutraceuticals (a food or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits) as one approach that may help increase your fertility.